About Phoenix Executive Security

Phoenix Executive Security’s objective is to foster a culture of collaboration and teamwork at all levels. Phoenix Security offers a focussed and dedicated team to Chevron Towers and as a dedicated security organisation, Phoenix Security can provide unsurpassed, personalised, quality service and conduct business with uncompromising honesty, and discretion and sound judgment

The Phoenix Security culture is one of reliability and pro-activity – the provision of personal and diligent services backed by round-the-clock direct access to management team on seven days per week, 24 hours a day, 365 day basis. This unprecedented access sets Phoenix Security apart by offering a significant market advantage and improved services for our clients.

Phoenix Security commenced in 2001 as a patrol and guard services business in Western Australia where its business operations were a part of the security services to protect 8.3 Billion of Government assets and its workforce in the metropolitan area of Perth Western Australian.

Company Mission

To protect the life and property of the customers we serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within our industry

Phoenix Security expanded its operations to Queensland in 2013 and currently operates mobile patrols units and security personnel in Western Australia from Joondalup to Mandurah and Queensland from Brisbane to Coolangatta to a variety of clients such as;

  • Hotel Resorts
  • High rise buildings and apartments;
  • Public University and Universities of Technology/ University pathway colleges.
  • Private and government Schools
  • Student accommodation facilities/buildings
  • Licensed Premises
  • Large Scale Events/Festivals/Special Events
  • Industrial Sites
  • Storage Facilities
  • Construction Sites
  • Office/Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Complexes

Today Phoenix Security has expanded its services into executive security, close personal protection, site security & crowd control, alarm response, cash in transit, guard and patrol services, and installation and monitoring in Queensland and Western Australia.

Company Business Strategy

Phoenix will provide a dedicated specialised service and develop a comprehensive and well-coordinated strategy to cater for any specific security needs YOU require.

Phoenix offers a significant advantage over the existing security suppliers in that Phoenix will provide a service that is dedicated to YOU.  Phoenix owners and management will be attainable at all times and will offer total support to YOU, your Staff and business / property. Phoenix offers YOU a reliable executive response and priority security services.

This broad spectrum of services enables Phoenix Security to provide the highest level of service from a dedicated team of professionals to suit your specific needs. Phoenix Security has experienced knowledgeable security professionals who bring a wealth expertise that has been tested on many occasions in varying environments both abroad and domestic.

It is this experience and knowledge that allows Phoenix Security to be able to cater and develop real time security solutions that not only meet client expectations, but surpasses them. Phoenix Security industry expertise derives from the integration and combination of management skills and industry experience and qualifications from the ADF, security operations, health and safety, agribusiness, retail, fast food, financial and management industries.