Have you ever considered what are concierge services? The duties and responsibilities can vary widely and really depend on where the concierge service is being provided.

Residential establishments like apartment complexes or assisted living homes as well as resorts and hotels and just some examples of where concierge services are often provided.

Usually, the concierge security professionals provided by Phoenix will have many responsibilities which will ensure that the needs of the guests or residents are followed and things run smoothly.

Specifically, these tasks may include, maintaining security, greeting, managing other security personnel, coordinating and keeping residents informed of upcoming events.

In the case of a resort or hotel, the concierge will serve as an assistant to guests, answering questions and actioning their requests.


At a private residence or apartment complex, our concierge security professional will often be a more permanent personal assistant whose duties will be based on the needs of the residents.

Our concierge service providers include attending to all emergencies which may occur in the building, organising visitor parking, monitoring of surveillance systems, approving access to tradespeople and cleaners, handling noise complaints, supervision of keeping common areas clean, managing the departures and arrivals of guests and many more.

All of our concierge security service professionals are fully licensed and have been trained in conflict resolution, emergency management, telephone etiquette and diplomacy and tact.

Whatever your specific needs are, please contact us for a no obligation discussion and we will advise you of the best solution for your needs.

Phoenix offer highly trained security guards to be concierge to protect your building. Concierge services in Australia are one of our speciality solutions. You can sleep easy as protecting you is our mission!

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Since the concierge is often the first point of contact for a resident or visitor, the staff we provide, pride themselves on their politeness and professionalism.

The concierge essentially monitors who exits and enters the building and has a similar function to a security guard, so concierge security is an appropriate description.

We fully understand the different policies and procedures of different businesses and our providers will be well trained to follow your requirements.

Some of our concierge professionals may use communications devices in order to have easier communications with other staff during routine or dangerous situations, and will generally ensure the safety and security of the residents of your building.

Whatever your concierge requirements in North NSW and QLD, Phoenix will be happy to assist you.

Reach out to us to discuss your needs and we will find the perfect concierge security professional to help your building operate smoothly.