Internal and External

Phoenix mobile patrols provide a strong visual deterrence and are paramount in the process of protecting your assets. Our mobile patrols both external and internal are an affordable option and are a highly effective tool in protecting your assets. It has been our experience that patrols helps to deter vandalism, theft and damage to property.

Each site visit will include a pre-determined or random patrol covering all the access-points of your business, so for anyone who is studying your properties security will find it difficult to predict when the next patrol is going to be attending.

Our Mobile patrol services are useful for covering larger areas where fixed observation security would not provide sufficient coverage. This service can be an economical alternative to full time guards, as the operating cost is shared between multiple clients;

Our mobile patrol provides services such as;

  • Permanent / Random / Causal Patrols night and day to physically check that your premises is secure
  • Alarm and Incidence Response
  • Internal Patrols
  • Staff / Client Escort
  • Lockdown or Open up your premises at designated times

All our vehicles are highly marked and are installed a state of the art tracking device and a mobile phone.

Phoenix is also able to hold keys to your premises in the event of alarm activation Phoenix are able to internally search your premises.