Phoenix has effective and well-trained security personnel which reflect positively on your company’s image and serves as a deterrent to crime and loss within your business.

Phoenix staff expertise ranges from basic security functions to executive protection and emergency response situations.

Security Guard

As security officers they specialize in following strict procedures to maximize the security presence around your property. They are trained to detect intruders, escort staff, welfare checks, locate an insecurities and damages such as insecure doors, vandalism/theft, graffiti, and other general security/WH&S issues on site.

Crowd Control

As crowd controllers maintain a physical presence and specialize monitoring crowds and behaviours of groups and individuals, check on staff safety and intoxication levels of guests to deter any unwanted or disorderly behaviour.

Executive Protection

As Executive Protection or Close Personal Protection service, whether discreet or high-profile, provides personal safety and security for higher risk individuals. The kind and level of protection required is determined via a risk profile analysis, incorporating details of the person and the location. Each assignment we service is meticulously planned to incorporate:

  • Route planning
  • Communications
  • Contingency plans
  • Threat assessments; and
  • Security review.

We have provided Close Personal Protection service assistance to a long list of high-profile figures, such as DFAT for the Pacific Alliance Trade Agreement negotiations in January 2018, Chris Hemsworth and Thor: Ragnarok’s Stars, Executives and guests at the Gold Coast Premier in October 2017 and the CMC Music Awards held at the Jupiter’s Gold Coast 2017 & 2018