24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week

Phoenix School Security is a specialised unit aimed at providing a dedicated security services protecting our schools from vandalism, theft and damage. Our schools, universities, and other institutional campuses are showing an increased need for specialist dedicated security services.

Every year, criminal damage to schools not only costs Queensland taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars, but also inconveniences students, their families, teachers and local residents.

Phoenix School Security operations and staff have extensive experience with the School Watch Programme and the specialised security required to service school, staff, and students of Queensland.

Phoenix School Security provides guards who are professionally trained to conduct school premises patrols in a responsible and courteous manner suitable for the educational environment.

Phoenix School Security provides a comprehensive coverage to your campus, including students, staff, and vehicles.

Our School Guard and Patrol provides services such as;

  • Permanent / Random / Causal Patrols night and day
  • Alarm and Incidence Response
  • Window and Door checks
  • System Checks / Walk Tests
  • Staff / Student Escorts
  • Staff Welfare Checks
  • Lockdown or Open up your premises at designated times

Phoenix Education Security works together with the school management and staff, parents, and third party organisations. We understand and fully appreciate the special approach required to deal with children and education staff.

For more information on our how Phoenix Security can assist you with your School Security needs, please call us today.